Services for U.S. Suppliers and Manufacturers

The brands we represent have on a first hand basis been able to experience the benefits of the services we provide, within which we: 

- Evaluate, develop and implement growth strategies (Including Advertising)

- Travel to the top market's to showcase and distribute products within all channels

- Gather market intelligence to either mitigate risks or develop new product lines

Identify credible network partners (after conducting a thorough background check)

- Showcase brand strength by participation in category specific Trade Shows 

- Offer details on local regulatory rules (including trade barriers, custom regulations)

Our existing brands now have a robust territorial footprint like never before and have steadily experienced sustained growth rates. Our team consists of experts who have been in the FMCG area for over two decades. We have the intelligence on how these markets have evolved over the past decade and where they are headed. Our services have been widely recognized as a key factor to save time, money, and costly errors - which is priceless. 

Our experts have worked for over a decade in both the U.S. as well as the international territory we operate within, this makes our services unique. Having worked in the U.S. we understand the emphasis on quarterly growth, and having worked overseas, we understand the environment the network operates within, and country specific challenges viz a viz language, culture, religious preferences, socio-economic factors - all affecting the sales cycle.

We are aggressively investing in expanding our operations in the United States as well as in the overseas markets. Our commitment to offer our overseas network to the brands we currently represent has enabled them to not only experience a robust international footprint but also enjoy phenomenal growth year over year.